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Revision History

v7.2.32d 10/20/2013
fixed Completed Date to Auto-populate when Complete = Yes

v7.2.32c 09/25/2013
fixed NR to show Amount Due and Amount Paid = $0

v7.2.32b 06/26/2013
fixed formula to allow NR to show as Ready To Pickup

not released

v7.2.32 05/10/2013
Added field OS to Software
Fixed Choice Sorts to be Alphabetical

v7.2.31a 05/02/2013
Added Header Sort to Browse OS

v7.2.31 04/26/2013
Changed Software
Added field 'Slot' for Case Location of CD

v7.2.30 04/25/2013
Changed Software
Added Model, PC Type and Location Dropdown Lists
Changed Parts
Add Used (Y/N), Separate Brand and Location Dropdowns

v7.2.29 04/24/2013
Changed Parts
Added Fields Inventory, Type, Model

v7.2.28 04/22/2013
Added Browse Software
Set Ready to Pickup to Yes when Complete and Complete Date are completed

v7.2.27a 03/30/2013
Browse Service Requests
Added Fields Date, Taxable, and Tax Amount to xQfilter

v7.2.27 03/26/2013
Added Fields on Parts
Parts Source - computer source of the part
Status - Working, Not Working
Classification - eBay or Craigslist Classification
eBay ID
Posted Location - eBay, Craigslist, etc.

v7.2.26b 03/23/2013
Added Order Parts = $10

v7.2.26a 02/20/2013
change field size on all tables
added Fields
Sold Date
Listed Date

v7.2.26 02/18/2013
Added Login

v7.2.25 01/31/2013
Added Query to Solutions
Increased size of Solution field to 6000

7.2.24 01/30/2013
Added Tech Support Solutions Table to Help


v7.2.22b 11/25/2012
fixed Estimate not being calculated
added Discounts to Browse Service Requests

v7.2.22a 11/23/2012
reset data fields to v7.2.22 after r2d2 crash
Changed Browse Service Requests to show
   Repairs Not Picked Up as still needing to be repaired
built install program

v7.2.22 06/07/2012
Service Requests
Added Paid Date
Added Discount

Added Description
Added eBay ID

Changed Description Field Size

Added Supplier Field

v7.2.21e 06/05/2012
Fixed calculations for Amount Due and Paid

v7.2.21b 05/25/2012
Fixed Amount Paid to include Down Payment
Fixed Reports - Service Request and Receipt to include database changes

changed Amount Due to calculate Part Cost plus Estimate and Tax if applicable
Fixed Tab Order on Set Report Data

v7.2.21 05/01/2012
changed database to increase size of History and Notes on ServicePC

v7.2.20b 03/26/2012
Changed Set Report Data Properties Window Tab Order
Removed Tax Rate Field from Update Service Records pending global selection

v7.2.20a 03/23/2012
Fixed Tax Calculations to only show Tax on Taxable Records

v7.2.20 03/22/2012
added Taxable Fields and Calculations

Revised database to add Ready to Pickup key?? to correct Ready to Pickup TAB??

Fixed 'Ready to Pick Up' not in Report Table
Added Ready to PickUp Report

corrected Ready to PickUP TAB to not show items marked for Yes for Resale

v7.2.18 03/15/2012
changed database to add 'Ready to Pickup' field
When selected the Ready to PickUp checkbox populates Paid field = Estimate

v7.2.17c 03/01/2012
changed Pick Up date to date Pickup is checked

v7.2.17b 02/24/2012
Added Menu Item Help/Revision History
Update Service Records
Picked Up populates as Today when Picked Up field is checked, or can be manually entered
Fixed Follow Up Date to None When Resell is Yes

v7.2.17a 02/15/2012
changed field order in Update Inventory
Added SendTo Browse Inventory
Added Inventory Sales Receipt

v7.2.17 02/08/2012
Revised Browse Service
Not Picked UP = PickedUP <> 'Yes' AND RESELL <> 'No'
BLUE = Order Parts = 'Yes'

v7.2.16 02/07/2012
Enabled IP

Revised Browse Service
Added Mass Update
2) Not Picked Up = PickedUP <> 'Yes' AND RESELL <> 'Yes'

v7.2.14 02/01/2012
Revised Browse Service
2) Not Picked Up = PickedUP <> 'Yes'
3) All By Customer Name
4) Due Date = PickedUP <> 'Yes' AND COMPLETE = 'No'

v7.2.13 01/31/2012
Added PickedUp and Picked Up Date Fields
Revised Blue color for needing to order parts. Only the ID field is Blue if the Parts Field is not empty
    SER:OrderDate <> ''    No color
    SER:PARTS<>''            Color is BLUE
Revised ReceivedDate field to show RED if the computer has been in the shop for more than 3 days and is Not Complete
Contact Name is GREEN if pc is marked as Picked UP
NOTE: Picked Up Date is currently set to automatically populate as the Complete Date + 2 Days, if it is not manually entered.

7.2.33 Local 09/07/2017
Added Service Type Choices to allow user to set Prices for Types of Service