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We take security very seriously.
Many studies indicate the greatest security threat comes from within one's own organization and the greatest and most simple thing you can do is to change your password and do not share it with others.
All of the applications developed by Corporate Support Services provide users the ability to change their password and we encourage you to do so the first time you log in to the Service PC application.

Once you have successfully logged in and Before you do anything else please change your password. You can do so by selecting File from the Main Menu, then selecting Change Password. You will enter the password you selected as your login when you started the program, then enter and re-enter a new password, then click OK.

We, Corporate Support Services, do not know or have anyway of retrieving your password.

If you have added a User and they have forgotten their password you must remove that user and recreate them.

All of the data in this application is proprietary and cannot be used by any of our other programs.

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