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When you first start the program you will be prompted to enter a new user. Once you have done this you will be logged into the program. The first user you add will have complete administrator rights to the software. Additional users can have different access rights to the application. This application offers the ability to setup various user groups, each having their own permissions to add, edit, and delete records. click here for more information

You will find the program in your Start Menu under Auction2

When you have logged in and first start the program you will be presented with a blank window with the Main Menu bar at the top.
There are several options File, Edit, Browse, Window, Reports, and Help.

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Main Menu Item Description
File Use this selection to Setup your printer, Import and Export Files, Add Users and Groups, Change your Password, and Exit the Program
Edit Here is where you will add Bidders and Auction Items
Browse This is a listing of all the Auction Items and their current Status
Window This is a standard Windows function allowing you place open windows on the screen.
Reports A full adhoc Report Generator is included so you can Run the included Reports or create Reports of your own.
Help Access to the Internet is required for this help file. Here you can Register the Program and Read the License Agreement.

Auction2 makes extensive use of the 'What's This?' help feature. click here for more information

To Begin, click Browse then Auctions.

You will notice we have included a few sample items so you will get a better idea of what the program looks like. In this window you will 'work' the auction. That is, when an auction is taking place you will enter the Winning Bid and the person who won the item. Information entered here is used to generate reports for each auction, including gross sales and outstanding balances from bidders who may have only made a partial payment.
Note: the blue tabs at the top of the screen indicate you are working on a live auction.

To change, or update, and auction item highlight an item in the list by clicking on it, then click the Change button at the bottom of the screen, you will see information on that particular auction item. Remember you cannot add or delete any auction items from this screen. We will discuss this in the next topic.

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After reviewing the Auctions window, close this window then select Edit then select Auction Items for Sale from the Main Menu

click image to enlarge This is a list of all items available for an auction.

To add, edit, or delete an auction item click the appropriate button at the bottom of the browse list.
For now, highlight an item in the list by clicking on it one time, then select the Change button. Optionally, you can double click on an item in the list to open the Edit (Change) window. You will see the edit window.

Auctions are separated by date. For example, if you have an auction scheduled for February 8, 2009 enter 0208 in the date field (the current year will be automatically populated) or optionally select the date of the option from the ellipsis button next to the Auction Date field. Each item can only be assigned to one auction at a time. If an item doesn't sell in the current auction, simply change the date to the next auction for which it is to be included. Make any changes you want, then click OK to save the changes, or click Cancel to leave the data as it was when you opened the record.

To add a new auction item.
Click the Insert button, or optionally press the Ins key on your keyboard to enter new items. Fields in Blue are required to have information entered. Feel free to enter all the items you have for past and future auctions. This information can be used for creating reports for board members or taxes.

Close this window and click on Edit then select Bidders. In this window is where you will add all of your bidders. You will add, or insert, new bidders by clicking the Insert button at the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: any fields with the blue prompt are required to be filled in.

Advanced Features

Advanced features of this application include:


Backup Strategies We recommend you have a valid backup strategy.

Custom Reports We will build custom reports for you at $35 each. Email us at with specific information.

Register your application at the end of the trial period, or when you purchase the application, you will need to register to fully activate Auction2 click here for a demo on how to register.

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