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After you have set the User Access Rights you will be able to see these rights. Below you will see how the Security Access Rights will affect the Test User we have setup.

Login as TestUser with password as testuser

From the Main Menu select File/Report Manager

Report Manager Window

Notice all of the Options, Print,...Insert, Change, and Delete are available
Close this window.

Now from the Main Menu select File/Administration/Change Login and login with the original login you used when setting up the program. We want the Supervisor Account

Open the Report Manager window again, and press Ctrl+F8 you will see this

Report Manager Set Access

Notice the Employee Group has Access to Report Manager and Report Administration.

Double click on the 'Yes' under RptAdmin so that it changes to 'No'
Click 'Ok' to close this window.
Select File/Administration/Change Login and login with the testuser account
Now go to the Report Manager window...

Report Manager With Limited Access

Insert, Change, and Delete choices have been removed!

You don't want to allow 'casual' users to be able to Insert New Reports, Change Current ones, and certainly not Delete anything.

This same principal applys to other 'Access Limiting' windows. Those screens are:

  • The Main Screen with No Options selected whch will allow them to Change Their Password, but Not Edit any of the dropdown menus affecting the program. Nor can they login as someone else
  • Browse/Service Requests - limits access to SendTo and Mass Update


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