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Mass Update

To perform a mass update...
Note: These screens are from the PCMail application...

click the Update Button and you will see

Click on the Field you want to change...

In this example we are going to change the Campaign to PC Repair for ALL of the records...In the Expression column type 'PC Repair' be sure to include the single quotes...and click Apply and on the next window confirm you want to make this change. ALL records will now have the Campaign changed to PC Repair

Note: Make sure you have entered a campaign which exactly matches one of the campaigns you have in the Edit Campaign choices from the Main Menu.

In this next example we are changing ALL of the Item Types to Postcard, indicating we are sending a Postcard in the next mailing.
Note: The Before column shows the field value BEFORE the change and the After column shows what the change will be. There is also a Green check mark in the column between the Expression column and the Before column if your Expression is correct.

Now let's suppose you want to send a postcard to certain number of people. For example, you purchased 100 stamps and you have a total of 300 records in your database. Remember the TBM (To Be Mailed) field has to be checked in order for the labels to be printed. How do we do this?

Select Browse Residential Addresses from the Main Menu and you will get a list of all of your records, in this case a total of 300.
Click the Update button, click the TBM field

now click the '...' ellipsis button

the next window will be the Expression Editor...

enter 'Yes' in the Assign expression box, don't forget the single quotes
Enter Add: <= 100 in the Condition box and click Ok, then confirm your choice on the next window

Remember we selected the TBM (To Be Mailed) field, so this expression says:
place Yes in the TBM field where the Address ID number is less than or equal to 100
Note: the Add: tells the program to use the Residential Address table
when using the Business addresses use the Bus: prefix

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